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Mathematics is not about number, equation, computation, algorithm. It is about understading.

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App Features

inMath — All Math Formula, is the best android application to learn mathematics. Math helps us think analytically and have better reasoning abilities. If you have not internet connection but even you can use this app without internet because its offline.


It contains MCQ quiz for test yourself how much have you knowledge about math. It has quiz game for learning the math.


It contains almost all mathematics formula for class 6th - 12th. This application is very useful to math solvers. Now math solvers will never forget any mathematical formulas.

Riddle Game

It has riddle game option to increase your thinking power. It helps to think analytically and have better reasoning abilities.

Unit Converter

It has unit conversation option which is very helpful to you to convert units. Unit converter has all common which we use in our daily life.


It contains training option to speed up your calculation speed (e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.)


It has a solve option which can solve some common functions like - Check BMI, Check Prime No, Find HCF etc.


It contains sample paper, previous question paper, NCERT books, NCERT solutions and Ncert Notes. You can simply download and read them. It will also help you in exam time.